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We are a Research Team Dedicated to finding the source and the reason for the Paranormal Activity you may be experiencing. There are many reason for Paranormal Activity, The most Theorized is these are spirits of our deceased loved ones or possibly spirits of those who are joined with the property in some way and/or spirits that are stuck here in limbo. We are here to either dispel or confirm such claims. If you are experiencing Paranormal Activity, We ask that you take advantage of our FREE Investigative services. Let us find the reason behind your activity, and possibly relieve you of those that are at unrest.


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NCPR does NOT condone the use of Ouija Boards,  We believe using such boards, may release spirits that NO HUMAN can contain!
















NCPR does NOT Believe  "ORBS"  are Paranormal,  we do NOT submit them as evidence. We believe there are TOO many factors that can cause "ORBS" Light Anomalies however are completely different...