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As most of us in the Paranormal World know , Sometimes one of the major causes of "Paranormal Activity" is usually nothing more than High EMF or Electro Magnetic Field. This can give people the feeling of being watched, nausea, dizziness amongst other things. Sometimes we can get just a general uncomfortable feeling, ESPECIALLY if you are sensitive to EMF. I have come to realize, when people have this feeling of being watched , they tend to think it is Paranormal. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isnt. That is why we as Paranormal Researchers do what we do, we try to help as much as we are capable too.  

Spirits can also get their energy from a high EMF Field, thus the reason for some places having higher Paranormal activity than others. Spirits are among us NO DOUBT about that, In my opinion they are stuck in what I call "limbo" they can neither ascend to Heaven or Descend to Hell, they are what I call Earthbound Spirits. Events or people in their Human life can cause them to stay earthbound because of what I call "unfinished business" with the living, perhaps it is nothing more than needing forgiveness, or maybe just something left unsaid to that person in the human world, sometime the person is taken away from us so quickly they are confused and dont know which way to go.  Some people have the ability to see, hear & communicate with these spirits and can help them move on, if they have the willingness to do so. Sometimes a spirit it unwilling to move on and so we have Hauntings.

 It is a theory that how you were in real life , is how you are in death as well,  IE: if you were a negative person in life, you will be so in death and so on. With Negative Spirits people sometimes think they are demonic because of some of the things they may do, IE: growl, scratch, push, shove, and yes even slap someone. They can and do have the capability to do so,  if given the right enviroment and the right situation. Sometimes when we encounter a negative spirit we are quick to call it Demonic, Let me ASSURE you this is NOT the case, there are VERY FEW Demonic spirits on earth, and IF and i do say IF you encounter one? You will not soon forget it!  be assured of that. 

In conclusion I would like to say IF you are experiencing anything Paranormal (the dictionary defines Paranormal as "not normal") Contact a local Paranormal team to help you, but do your homework first, see if they are trusted. IF they tell you they charge for the service? STEER CLEAR! 

Wanda Stone

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