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Meet The Team

Wanda / Founder

I have been intrigued with the Paranormal for most of my life. At the tender age of 7  I discovered the ability  to communicate with some spirits, an example is a spirit friend whom I played with as a young girl in my Long Island home by the name of Katie. After doing some research on my homestead in recent years I discovered an accident occurred in the driveway of that home. A young girl by the name Kaytelin  was run over by her Father in the driveway of my old homestead and she was killed, I believe this is why I began to see and play with her. Growing up I would always catch my Mom talking to herself, I would ask her who she was talking to she would say "oh no-one hunny go play"  I found out in my later young Adult years that she was in fact talking to spirits, I believe I got this wonderful gift from my Beautiful Mother (God rest her soul) I still communicate with her to this day. I believe everyone has some type of "Gift" you only need to look to your inner self to discover it, once discovered I believe you should nurture it, learn about it, someday you may be able to help others as I have. Some people may say and think this is Evil,                                                                                        But I KNOW it is a GOD Given gift and I use it for GOOD not EVIL,  to help bring Peace of mind to                                                                                    those  who are seeking answers.


Teresa ...Bio Coming Soon